Caring for your Adrenal Glands

When we are faced with recent stress, our body secrets a large amount of cortisol trying to calm down that excess adrenaline that we feel.  This is considered Stage 1 adrenal dysfunction. Eventually, if stress doesn’t decrease, we burn out and feel exhausted.  At this point we don’t feel any motivation to do anything, it is hard to get up every morning, we feel irritable and just want to be left alone.  This is considered Stage 3 adrenal dysfunctionStage 2 adrenal dysfunction- is that in between phase when our bodies are switching from high to low cortisol trying to balance out. 

It is hard to know exactly when our bodies move from one stage to the other.   

The good news is that there are many natural treatments that you can do to help your adrenals, the bad news is that certain treatments have the ability to either increase or decrease your cortisol level.  How can you know which ones you need? 

Of course, an option is to visit a naturopathic doctor and get either a blood test or a saliva test to find out where you are at.  But if don’t have the accessibility to test yourself then you have the option of just taking herbal remedies called “adaptogens”. “Adaptogens” help your body adapt to whatever stressful situation you are going through.  They help lower or raise cortisol levels depending on the body’s needs at that time. Examples of adaptogens include: ashwagandha, schisandra and Siberian ginseng.  

These are all the herbs that we have included in Wise Adrenal Support.  You don’t have to worry about getting tested.  Whether your cortisol levels are high or low, Wise Adrenal Support will help to correct it.  

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