Are You Suffering with Stress, Tension & Pain?

We live in a go-go-go type of society and most people are living with a lot of tension, stress, anxiety and pain. Your magnesium levels are highly associated with your stress levels. Any health concern that is aggravated by stress can be helped with a good magnesium supplement.  Problems such as tension headaches, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, anxiety, PMS (pre-menstrual syndrome), muscle cramps, restless leg syndrome, high blood pressure and insomnia – are associated with magnesium deficiency.

Taking a well absorbed magnesium supplement benefits in 2 different ways – 1. When you are under stress, your body uses twice as much magnesium from storage and 2. When you are under stress, you excrete (get rid of) more magnesium through your urine.

There are also many medications that will make you lose more magnesium from your body such as antibiotics, steroids, diuretics and synthetic hormones such as birth control pill or hormone replacement therapy.

If you diet includes a lot of fast and processed foods then you will also be at increased risk of magnesium deficiency because these refined foods strip this crucial mineral from our food.  This is why Magnesium deficiency is considered a new epidemic nowadays.  

Is it easy to absorb magnesium?

Unfortunately, most forms of magnesium supplements absorb poorly in to our bodies.  However, magnesium glycinate (or bis-glycinate) is the best one. It has a superior absorption because of its solubility.  It decreases the PH of the intestines and it decreases the amount of water that attaches to the molecule which reduces the laxative effect typically seen with other magnesium compounds.

Wise Magnesium Absorb is a 100% magnesium glycinate / bis-glycinate.  Most of other magnesium supplements in the market is a mixture of different types.  Wise Magnesium Absorb is not “buffered” with other types – it is 100% pure.

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