I can walk 1 km without my cane now!

Written by Dr Sandra Miranda, ND

I love sharing success stories from patients because it can give other people an idea on how to naturally help themselves.  Our bodies are in a constant desire to recover and heal – they are truly forgiving.

A 60 year old lady had so much aches, pain and inflammation in her body that she was walking with a cane most of the time. Her very first words to me were “I’m only 60 yrs old, is it possible that I am just going downhill from here?”. 

Her medical doctors have tried giving her anti-inflammatories but she was not able to take them due to the effects on her stomach.  She was looking for a more natural way to treat her inflammation.

When I mentioned bovine collagen to her, she said that she had already tried a product with a combination of glucosamine and collagen in it.  But that product did not give her the better quality collagen or the right dose for joint inflammation.

She started to take Wise COLLAGEN Protein – 1 scoop per day.  This product gave her a “peptan hydrolyzed bovine collagen” at a 10 g daily dose- which was exactly what she needed.  She took it consistently for 6 weeks.  It is unflavored powder so she was able to just mix it in her chai tea that she drank every morning.  It mixes very nicely in any hot or cold drink.

By the 3rd week she started to feel that her joints were looser on waking and by the 6th week she was able to walk more confidently without her cane.  In addition, she has noticed her hair and skin becoming healthier and not as dry looking.  She is so happy!

She loves her Wise Collagen Protein and is planning to continue taking it!

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