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Top 2 tips for gut health during the holidays

Written by Dr. Sandra Miranda, ND

The holiday season can definitely be a busy and overwhelming time for everybody.  The hustle, bustle and the go go go can make it really hard to stick with our healthy eating.  There are more get togethers, more times when you will eat out in restaurants or eating in a rush, and our well intentioned healthy eating plan goes out the window. 

When we start eating fast/junk food, sugar, more carbohydrates, or more alcohol than usual, we end up with gut toxicity leading to symptoms such as bloating, gas, heartburn, constipation or diarrhea.  Our digestive tract is the root cause of many health problems.  If our digestive tract is not healthy then it can lead to more health problems such as headaches, low energy, foggy thinking, moodiness, skin problems and even joint pain.

Even if you diet is not perfect during this holiday season, there are 2 top tips that you can follow to try to minimize the damage.

  1. Never skip out of fiber.  Even you are eating more carbs or sugary snacks, never ever skip out of eating a minimum of 2 cups of vegetables or salads with lunch and dinner.  So instead of having 2 slices of pizza and wings, choose to order 1 slice of pizza and a big salad.   If you can’t have this amount of vegetables during the day, you can also choose to take a minimum of 2 heaping tbsp. of ground flax seeds in a daily basis. Remember to keep your ground flax seeds in the fridge to keep them fresh.  Fiber acts like a broom in our digestive tract.  It goes through cleaning up most of the mess.
  2. Take a good probiotic during the holidays.  Rebuilding a good amount of healthy bacteria in our gut will help our body digest the food better and when combined with fiber, it also helps to keep the gut cleaner.  The best type of probiotics are the ones that are multi-strain and shelf stable making it ideal for travellers.  This way you can take them with you anywhere you go during the holiday season.  Another important tip is to take a probiotic that is delayed release.  This means that the capsules does not get broken down until it gets the gut where the good bacteria needs to get delivered.   Otherwise, the capsules open in the hydrochloric acid of our stomach and we can lose a good amount of bacteria before it even reaches our gut.

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