Happy Client – Case of Chronic Cough

Written by Dr Sandra Miranda, ND

AL 65 year old lady – has been dealing with a chronic cough from her post-nasal drip for the past 3 years.  She also had the history of urinary tract infections for which she has taken many antibiotics in the past. AL also had cracks at the corners of her mouth. These are all common signs of yeast overgrowth in the body.

I suggested she takes Wise XS Probiotic – 1 cap per day and Wise Colon Health (an excellent anti-fungal) – 1 cap per day (at a different time as the probiotic).  Within 4 days she started experiencing diarrhea and some nausea. She wasn’t sure what was going on and stopped the supplements for a week. To her surprise the cough and post nasal drip was gone!  

After 1 week – she started taking the supplements again.  She started feeling a little bit of the nausea and lose stools again for not as bad as the first time around.

We talked 3 weeks later and I explained to AL that what she felt was considered a “healing crisis” and it was a good sign.  We feel worse before we feel better. This was happening because of the “yeast/candida die off”.

From my experience, not everybody is as sensitive as AL is but I love sharing this story because it shows just how effective Wise Colon Health can be to kill off the overgrowth of yeast/candida/parasites that we can have in our body.  

We all have yeast, the problem is not having it, the problem is when it starts overgrowing!

AL continues to take her supplements.  She is feeling so much better and has not had another recurrence of her old cough or a bladder infection either.

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