Weight Management

Magnesium & Obesity

A study from 2013 that clearly outlines that taking higher amounts of magnesium glycinate / bis-glycinate helps better control insulin and sugar levels in the blood.  The same study also showed that the same amount of magnesium glycinate / bis-glycinate helps with bloating and water retention.  The literature also documents that overweight adults tend to […]

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Magnesium & Diabetes

Magnesium deficiency is considered the new epidemic. Improving our magnesium levels will lower our risk for Type 2 Diabetes even if you are still eating a poor diet.  Amazing!  Collaborators from Tufts University, Harvard University, and Brigham and Women’s Hospital, investigated the impact of magnesium intake, from both dietary and supplemental sources, on the risk

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Collagen Controls Hunger

Collagen protein powder is 40% more filling than any other type of protein powder.  This means that it keeps you 40% fuller than other option making it an excellent option for hunger.  The added benefit is that it has zero carbohydrates and therefore does not stimulate insulin release.  This makes it an excellent option for

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How to Correctly Use Probiotics

Probiotics have been shown to be amazing for your body, especially your gut and immune system.  Here are some tips to ensure that the probiotics you’re taking aren’t going to waste. 1. Seek Out Fermented Foods You can get probiotics from your food.  Fermentation concentrates the vitamins in plants, such as B and C vitamins.

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