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Endometriosis and Hysterectomy: Weigh the Risks

A significant number of women suffer from endometriosis; some with symptoms so severe that they turn to hysterectomy as a solution for their pain.  While hysterectomy may be appropriate in some cases, it does not always cure the underlying problem.  There are other less drastic procedures which a woman may want to explore prior to …

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Collagen’s Healing Properties

Collagen has amazing healing abilities.  Not only is collagen is the most abundant protein found in our bodies- in our muscles, tendons, cartilage, bones and skin.   But also, a collagen supplement helps to increase your own body’s collagen level and stimulates the production of internal collagen at a would site (i.e. surgery site).  This makes …

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How to Correctly Use Probiotics

Probiotics have been shown to be amazing for your body, especially your gut and immune system.  Here are some tips to ensure that the probiotics you’re taking aren’t going to waste. 1. Seek Out Fermented Foods You can get probiotics from your food.  Fermentation concentrates the vitamins in plants, such as B and C vitamins. …

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Is Your Joint Pain Slowing You Down?

Written by Dr. Sandra Miranda, ND Arthritis can be one of the most disabling diseases in developing countries.  All joints contain cartilage that serves to cushion and protect the joints.  When cartilage breaks down with old age or from past injuries, then bone articulates with bone leading to pain and reduced function of the joint. …

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