Happy Patient

Written by Dr Sandra Miranda, ND 

JR a 45 year old lady – she was involved in a severe accident and was lucky to be alive. Besides dealing with the many physical aches, pains, concussions, whiplash etc, she was also dealing with the mental / emotional trauma from the accident.  Her energy and moods would be ok for a couple of days and then it would plummet and feel as if in a depression. During her lows she did not want to do anything, had no motivation, didn’t want to see anyone and it was an effort to focus on her work.  Other days JR would feel really anxious and even started to develop nightmares at night.  

Her body was obviously affected by the stress of the accident and wanted to take some adrenal support but did not know which one to take. 

After a thorough consultation we decided that she needed a “cortisol balancer” and she started taking Wise Adrenal Support and Wise Advanced Multi.  

She took these 2 products faithfully 3 x day for 6 weeks and slowly started to recover.  By the 6th week her nightmares were down to only once a week and her moods were a lot more stable.  She started focusing on her job again and felt more energized on waking. 

After 3 months she was able to reduced them to just 1-2 capsules per day depending on how she was feeling.

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