Your Allergies May Be Caused By Yeast

Written by Dr Sandra Miranda, ND

Have you recently complained that you don’t know why you have suddenly developed stuffiness, a chronic runny nose, and sneezing.  Is it possible that you are developing allergies? Well, this year it is one of the worst allergy seasons on record.  Even if you never get them, you are probably feeling it this year.

But did you know that your allergies can be connected to the health of your digestive tract?

Yeast overgrowth (candida) can affect your immune system leading you to become hypersensitive and react to triggers that normally we shouldn’t be reacting to.

The more off balance the flora of your digestive tract is the more chances you have of developing allergies.

You want to increase the number of friendly bacteria and decrease the amount of yeast.  Balancing your flora will allow your immune system to function better.

How to heal this problem:

Whether your allergies are from food or environmental, you need to increase the food bacteria in your digestive tract and decrease the bad guys (like the yeast).  Consider doing a 3 week cleanse by taking Wise XS probiotic – 1 cap per day and Wise Colon Health.  You can start with only 1 capsule of Wise Colon Health for the first few days and if ok then try to increase it to 2 x day.  Keep in mind that any good quality cleanse can lead you to have a “healing crisis”.  This means that you feel worse before you feel better.  This is a GOOD thing because it means you are on your way to heal your allergies.

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