Choosing A Good Probiotic

Probiotics help with our immune systems and our digestive systems. They will help with any yeast infections you may have and any digestive problems you have come across. Look for these things in a probiotic:

* Find a probiotic with multiple strains of bacteria. This is because the gut contains 30-40 strains. The more strains, the happier and healthier you will be.

Here is a list of different health conditions that probiotics can help with:

* If you are traveling, take a multi strain probiotic a couple of weeks before your trip. Taking this will help prevent traveler’s diarrhea. Many people get traveller’s diarrhea by digesting food or water that has been infected with bacteria.  It is also a good idea to take your probiotics with you and take it during your trip.  Of course, you will have to choose one that is shelf stable and therefore ok to keep outside of the fridge.  Wise XS Probiotic is an example of a shelf stable probiotic used by many travellers.

* If you are dairy intolerant, you should take a probiotic that is dairy-free which means that the bacteria has been culture in something other than dairy.

Choosing the right probiotic for your body is very important.  Wise XS probiotic has all of the above properties: multi strain and extra strength, shelf stable so that you don’t need the fridge to keep the bacteria active and it is completely dairy free.

Written by Dr Sandra Miranda, ND



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